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Job Description for NEW Executive Council Members

General Officers will represent one of these areas of education:

Public or private school (K—Secondary)

Early Childhood Learning Centers/Preschools


Christian school (K—Secondary)

College/University education departments

General Officers will resource and encourage all Nazarene educators whom they represent.

A.   General Officers will represent their group in Executive Council Meeting discussions and carry out assignments that will help those they represent. The Executive Council may meet in person once a year, usually in Kansas City. There may be scheduled conference calls.

B.   They will assist in the planning and implementing of annual and/or general conferences sponsored by the Nazarene Educators Worldwide.

C.   General Officers will contribute articles to the electronic newsletter geared for the educators they represent.

D.   They will network with the educators they represent and communicate current research and materials to resource the educators.

E.   General Officers will communicate regularly with those they represent with inspirational and/or encouraging thoughts.

F.   They will be available to assist and encourage the District Nazarene Education Directors.

Nazarene Educators Worldwide Chairperson

A.        The Nazarene Educators Worldwide Chairperson will preside at a general conference and at the meetings of the Nazarene     Educators Worldwide Executive Council. This will include videoconferences and/or teleconferences.

B.        The NEW Chairperson will resource and encourage all Nazarene educators.

C.        The NEW Chairperson will communicate regularly with the District Nazarene Education Directors and support them in their tasks.

D.        The NEW Chairperson will support the general officers as they fulfill their responsibilities.

E.        The NEW Chairperson will contribute articles to the e-newsletter.

F.         The NEW Chairperson will communicate news about current research or materials that will resource or encourage Nazarene educators.

G.        The NEW Chairperson will help to promote membership in NEW.